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Govekar Home Inspection Services for Peace of Mind

Buying a home is the biggest investment you'll ever make. Don't get stuck in a money pit. A home inspection will help you find existing problems before they become your problems. Whether you are buying a new home, selling a home or wanting to prepare your home for a future sale, we are here to help you evaluate the needs of the home and protect your investment.

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Very responsive, attentive to details and very well trusted. Highly recommended for the job.

Eder Ortiz

Jason is a true professional in every measure of the word. He enjoys his profession and it shows in the quality of his product. The thoroughness of his inspection gave my wife and I the confidence to move forward with our home purchase.


Jason gave a very helpful inspection on my client's investment property and saved us thousands of dollars based on the credits we received. Would highly recommend him.

Tony Angelos

He was very thorough and very professional. He let me know about every issue before even giving me the report. He sent the report to me within 24 hours. Amazing service and customer care.

Nathaniel Mcallister

Areas of Inspection

Heating and Cooling Inspection icon

Don't get caught in the cold. An inspection will go over your HVAC system to ensure it works for heating and cooling. Vents are also inspected.

It's a hot and messy place, but attics can tell a lot of a home's story. An attic inspection can find roof leaks, mold damage and insulation issues.

Window inspection icon

Natural lighting and proper ventilation are just a couple things windows contribute to a home. Most of your homes overall functionality and appeal depend on your windows.

Water damage can be the worst. You want to ensure that plumbing is inspected and working as expected. Accessible pipes, faucets, toilets, and water heater are inspected.

Wall inspection icon

Electrical inspection will ensure that all accessible outlets are functioning and that there are no general hazards or safety risks. This is huge! Electrical safety is extremely important.

Ceiling inspection icon

Siding is the skin that protects the bones of your home. A siding inspection will make sure your family is protected from some of the harshest Midwest weather elements.

While a home keeps a family together, the walls give us our private space. Inspecting the walls of a home ensures your families tranquility while protecting your safe space.

Foundation inspection icon
Basement inspection icon

Every home and every story has a foundation. A foundation inspection tells a story of a home. Cracks, sloping and water damage are among the issues an inspection will find.

While the foundation is part of the basement, a full basement inspection covers much more. Most of a homes electrical and plumbing start here. Not to mention the legs it stands on.

Roof inspection occurs visually from the ground as well as taking place upon the roof during safe weather conditions. A strong roof is key in keeping a dry, warm home.

Door inspection icon

Doors that are damaged, don't stay open, or won't lock diminish a homes functionality. It's best to know about these simple fixes before you buy.

Structure inspection icon

A home is only as strong as the bones that hold it up. Inspecting a homes structure protects your family and makes sure the castle doesn't crumble.

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Buying a home can be exciting. But it can also be overwhelming. Let our expertise go to work for you so you can show up to the closing informed and ready to take on the next chapter in your life.

Types Of Home Inspections

Home Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you ready to sell a home? It's a great idea to get an inspection prior to listing. This way you can fix issues before they pop up in a home buyer's inspection and allows more time to research any issues that need to be fixed. With this time, there is more flexibility in negotiating repair costs or getting multiple estimates. It also allows you to fix issues yourself. The investment in a pre-listing inspection is an investment you will be glad you made.

General Home Buying Inspection

When purchasing a home it is a great idea to get that home inspected before closing. You do not want to learn about foundation issues, electrical dangers or other major issues after moving in. Purchasing a home is a huge investment. Protect that investment by letting Govekar Home Inspection shed light on areas of concern. By identifying issues within the allotted time of an inspection, you can negotiate the fixes with the seller. 

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