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Cost Of Home Inspection

Home inspections start at $325. Your cost depends on two factors: the age of the home and the square footage of the home. These factors determine the amount of time needed inspecting your home. Prices below are current as of 2022 and are subject to change upon changes in industry needs. We will provide you with an exact quote upon booking. A note about square footage, please include finished basements in the calculations for total square footage.

Starting Rate

Our home inspection rate starts at $325. This price can vary based on the following information.

Square Footage

Our starting rate is for homes up to 1,000 square feet. Price increases with larger homes as they take longer to inspect.

Year Home Built

Our starting rate is for homes built after 2010. Older homes typically contain older systems and involve more research.


Basements not included in total square footage (unfinished) and outbuildings are two examples of extra inspection costs.

Please contact us for a more accurate estimate on the cost of inspecting a home you are working with. 

Multiple Home Inspection Discount

Have you moved on in your search and need an inspection on a new property? It's a bummer when you need to have another home inspected, but we all know that sometimes a deal falls through and you have to move on. We understand that this set back is frustrating and we offer a discount to help soften the blow. If you have an inspection done with us, but need another inspection within 30 days, we offer a 10% discount on the next inspection.  

Do you need another inspection on the same property? If you need another inspection on the same property after previous found issues were fixed, we will return to this property to reinspect the specific areas of concern for a greatly reduced fee (fee depends on inspection need, travel and scheduling) as long as the inspection is within 14 days of the first inspection.

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